The art of: Map making for constructed worlds

This is the beginning of my “art of” series of writings, showing you how to do this n’ that.

Im focusing on the art of map making here. Map making for constructed fictional worlds like in Lord of the Rings, is sort of difficult. Fret not but read on!


Constructing a fictional world is as easy as scribbling randomly on walls. But that is vandalism so don’t.

Get a napkin, a bit of cardboard or whatever is to your liking. Then get a marker. Can be anything because markers are easy to find, can be anything. Even a twig with ink or water. once you got a biro then you can do more detailed drawings like draw a map of the UK. Now get creative. Check a map of the world. check the map. and notice how the sides of countries tend to look ragged like a crusty edge of toast. now you are ready to go fully creative.

Draw some junk and call it a made up name. I called my country: “Imaginoooo”.here it is. giphy




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