james cordon

The fat essex guy is tubby and just unforgivable. He is not funny, yet he does not admit this. To himself or anyone else. I bet he thinks he is like a fat comedy thing. But he is just not. In other words, he should get another job. He would do well as a boulder.

I bet you think. “oh stop it, he is actually a nice guy even though he is fat and crap.”. Yes that is a good counter-argument but you are forgetting that people shouldn’t discriminate against people if they are obese. Why would you do that?

James cordon is a bastard wether he is fat or not. Remember.


Scientists discover that human brain is more complicated than black holes and space-time.

Yes it is time to get the info.

You may have been fooled by the international scientist conspiracy to undermine the human brain. They say we are like lego blocks and can be summed up by numbers and calculations.

Not so. Humans are like mega synapse shots with linguistic gonads.

The art of: Map making for constructed worlds

This is the beginning of my “art of” series of writings, showing you how to do this n’ that.

Im focusing on the art of map making here. Map making for constructed fictional worlds like in Lord of the Rings, is sort of difficult. Fret not but read on!


Constructing a fictional world is as easy as scribbling randomly on walls. But that is vandalism so don’t.

Get a napkin, a bit of cardboard or whatever is to your liking. Then get a marker. Can be anything because markers are easy to find, can be anything. Even a twig with ink or water. once you got a biro then you can do more detailed drawings like draw a map of the UK. Now get creative. Check a map of the world. check the map. and notice how the sides of countries tend to look ragged like a crusty edge of toast. now you are ready to go fully creative.

Draw some junk and call it a made up name. I called my country: “Imaginoooo”.here it is. giphy



President Trump. Who predicted his rise?

Noam Chompsky

Noam Chompsky saw the T-man coming with his orangutang mouth. He wrote in 1985, that a president like trump would happen eventually because…

The working class in america is by and large – angry due to lack of political, real political activity at the ground level, along with rising chaos caused by the financial markets. This will cause, i think, I new brand of president, one that fully outsources all politics to the pre-american level.

Yes this guy is maximum correct.

The simpsons

Yes the yellow family has always been clever, but clever enough to predict a president of 2017, all the way back in 2002? Yes it is possible. So possible that it happened.

Good episode but bad because they may have made Trump get president.

Phillip K Dick

Yes, the schizo genius behind weirdly titled sci-fi. He wrote in his novel, “Cry my tears the policeman said”.

Trum was prez. He just became prez and things seemed dark. Like out of a Phillip K dick novel. Then Plop went good.